M4. Useful Resources

Command Line Tools

MTurk offers you incredible flexibility thanks to their Command Line Tools. It is strongly recommended to download them if you want to pay bulk bonuses, manage workers and change properties for HITs that are live.

Bulk Bonuses

Paying more than a handful of bonuses using the technique explained in the previous section is not optimal. If you want to pay bonuses in bulk you will need to download the command line tools just referred above and follow this useful guide.

Avoiding repeaters

MTurkers will sometimes try to participate in your experiment more than once. To avoid this you could ask them to enter their IDs at the beginning of the experiment and create your own exclusion lists from this input. However, there is a simpler way to avoid repeaters by simply adding a script to your project. It is called Unique Turker and you can access to it here.

Forums and Blogs

It is strongly recommended to keep an eye on the forums that MTurkers create. Sometimes, you will be surprised to find that your task has been widely discussed or that your reputation is increasing. Among them you can look for: Turkopticon, MTurkGrind and Turkkit. In addition, Experimental Turk offers requesters a very useful blog with valuable tips and updates.